The Mule

The Safest and Most Driveway Friendly Delivery System Available

What makes our delivery system best

Benefits of our Pilot Controlled Level Delivery System

Remote Control operation and 360 degree Visibility Eliminates Blind Spots.

Lifts Up to 15,000 lbs

No Heavy Trucks in Your Driveway

Container Contents are Level at all Times During Delivery & Loading

Requires 4'6" Less overhead Delivery Clearance, Greater Safety, More Flexibility

What makes our containers best

Bigger, Stronger & More Secure than other Storage Containers On the Market

Approximately 20% Larger

Our Doors Fully Open to create Wider Access compared to Many other Storage Units

Our Containers are Kept in New Condition

100% Rodent & Weather Proof

Double Seal Doors

Our Customer's Experience Matters!

5.0 Google Review Score (37)

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The Mule Portable Storage

Rent or buy portable storage containers for your Move, for Storage, or for your Business.