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How do I reserve a portable storage container?

Its as easy as giving us a call at 1-833-692-9696 and one of our storage experts will get you set up. Or, simply use our “reserve online” feature.

Is there a minimum rental period?

No. You only pay for the days you have the container!

How quickly can my portable storage container be delivered?

Our schedule does fill up fast so reserving 48 hours in advance is recommended!

How secure are portable storage containers?

Our portable storage containers are pest and rodent proof. They are also wind and watertight. All our containers are NPSA and ISO certified so they are the most secure containers in the industry. They are also equipped with lock boxes to prevent thieves from cutting any locks.

What are portable storage containers made of?

All of our containers are made of heavy gauge croton steel with no riveted joints. The container floors are made from environmentally friendly 1 ½ thick bamboo plywood.

Is there a cost if I cancel my container reservation?

Reservations can be cancelled without a charge.

How is my container delivered?

One of our professional drivers will deliver your container using the safest delivery system in the industry. Our system is stabilizer free so no pressure points are put on your driveway. Our system also supports the base for your container until it is securely on the ground so your belongings are never left hanging in the air.

Do I need to be present for the delivery of my container?

No. Just simply include in your reservation where you wish your container to be set and our professional drivers will make sure its put in place for you.

How much can I fit in my container?

There are a number of variables that go into calculating this but a 20ft container can hold the average 2-3 bedroom home. For help knowing what container size suits your needs best contact one of our storage experts.

Can I use a portable storage container for on site storage?

Of course! Portable Storage is great for when you need extra storage space at your home or business.

I’m not sure where I’m moving to, what can I do with my portable storage container?

No Problem! We can store your storage container to one of our many gated storage facilities until your ready for it!

Can I access my storage container while it is at your facility?

Yes! Just give us 24 hours notice and we can have your container in one of our access area waiting for you during our business hours.

What sizes of storage containers do you offer?

For residential areas, we offer our 10ft and 20ft containers. For commercial or industrial properties we also have 40ft containers available.

What are the dimensions of the storage containers?

All of our containers are 8ft wide and 8.5ft tall the only thing that changes is the length; which can be 10ft, 20ft, or 40ft.

Are your containers insulated?

No, insulating a storage container has more negative effects than positive. It is a common misconception that adding insulation to a storage container helps regulate the interior temperature while the outside temperature fluctuates. However, insulation only works if there is a source producing heat or cold inside the container. Therefore, the insulation can keep this energy from escaping through the walls of a structure. In the case of storage containers, this is almost never the case. Instead, the insulation only provides a nesting area for insects, rodents and other pests and for that reason, we never include any insulation on the interior of the containers.

Should I be concerned about condensation forming inside my container?

No, we use a state-of-the-art ventilation system on all our rental containers. Each container has 4 specially designed vents on each side which allow air to go in and out of the container while keeping water, dirt, insects, etc. out. Therefore, as the temperature rises and drops outside, the air is free to flow through the container rather than condensing and creating moisture within the container.