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Shelving Brackets


The PortableStorage Shelf Bracket delivers superior strength while not being bulky or heavy. The brackets provide immense shelf space and rigid stock storage without interfering with valuable floor space. This shelf allows for items as large as 32” tall to be stored on the floor under the shelves (height may vary per container). The brackets pay for themselves in labour saving the first time they are used, simply hook the bracket onto the shipping container D-rings and start storing. This bracket has three tiers and uses two 2×10 pieces of construction grade wood per shelf providing an 18.5” deep shelf. Two bracket units are required to make a complete shelfing system giving you 2200 lbs. (1 ton) loading capacity. Adding an additional  Bracket unit increases loading capacity to 3300 lbs (1.5 tons).

$99 each bracket

Wood shelves not included.

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