Portable Storage Containers Saves You Money Moving

containers most affordable option for moving

You have cherished your starter home. It has served you well. It was where you brought all of your kids home from the hospital and you have marked each of their heights on the wall, watching them grow. But now your perfect starter home is becoming cramped and squished. You’re discovering that the place you thought was your forever home is not the place you want to be forever and you have outgrown it. You have made the big decision to move.

Portable Storage Containers Saves You Money Moving 1

Moving is an exciting time. Finding the perfect location, home and space for you and your family. Moving also comes with costs. At Portablestorage.ca, we make sure that we handle of the logistics to make your move the smoothest and easiest as possible. We ensure your container is dropped at your front door, letting you load at your convenience and then once you are ready we pick it up we bring it to your new home.

We have three locations in Southwestern Ontario to help you with storage and moving options. You can also rent one of our containers for less than $5 a day. You are limited by an hourly fee on top of paying an hourly labour fee plus fuel to move your belongings. You can move at your leisure. At Portablestorage.ca we offer superior sales and logistics with innovative moving technology. Our state-of-the-art PCLDS (Pilot Controlled Level Delivery System) transport your container to your home in the safest manner with minimal damage to your property.

Looking to move in the future? Look no further than portablestorage.ca! We have three locations in Windsor, Sarnia, and Chatham to help you with your moving and storage needs and are the most affordable option.

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