How We’re Making Moving and Storage Safe During COVID

Sanitizing Our Storage Containers

At PortableStorage.ca, your and our safety is our utmost priority especially during this time. We have taken measures to ensure that not only your health and safety remains our greatest focus, but that we will continue to move forward in our business and provide efficient and quality service. We clean each of our portable storage containers before and after customer use by utilizing a hospital-grade “fogging” system which sanitized the entire interior and exterior of the container. Our sanitization process ensures that our containers are disinfected and protected from end to end, rather than just being spot cleaned in dirty areas. All of our delivery staff wear personal protective gear and social distance from customers during delivery and pickups.

Container Security and Safety

Our containers are also the most secure in our industry, meaning that the system we use is officially NFS certified which means it is safe for people, pets, and the environment.

We have some of the most affordable rates in the industry. Our most common being the 20ft container, rent for $4.97 per day with no minimum rental. We do our pricing this way to benefit the customers. Therefore, you are only charged for the days that they use the container.

Protecting your Belongings

Our Portable Storage containers are designed for protection. After all, most of our customers are storing most of their belongings inside. The metal doors are equipped with the new “EZ Open” handles to make them easier to open and shut. They also have a double layer rubber seal around both doors to keep out the elements as well as any rodents or other pests.

The floor is 1.5-inch marine grade, environmentally sustainable flooring that is protected with a rubber membrane to keep the moisture from the ground from seeping in. On each side of the container are 4 custom designed vents that do not allow any moisture to enter but allow for proper ventilation to prevent condensation.

On the outside of the container, the doors are equipped with a lock box to protect your lock from the weather as well as any potential thieves.

New and Improved Loading System

Traditionally, there were only 2 ways to move a container. The first is “level loading” system, that uses heavy stabilizers that risk damaging a driveway. The other is the tilt system, which did not require stabilizers, but customers were concerned with the contents of the container shifting while being loaded/unloaded. Now, we are happy to announce that we are the first and only portable storage company offering a pilot-controlled delivery system. This new system keeps the heavy trucks off your driveway and your container completely level during the loading and unloading process. It even allows for safer movement of the container because the driver has a 360 degree view. Therefore, there are no blind spots.

Secure Storage

In order to properly secure a container in a storage facility there are a couple of precautions to take. The property should have a fence around the premises. Also, there should be proper lighting as well as security cameras to monitor the property. At PortableStorage.ca we go above and beyond by controlling who has access to the storage yard and by storing the containers so that the doors of 2 units are facing each other. This makes it practically impossible for anybody to gain access to a loaded container.

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