Commercial container rental at Chatham-Kent business

When your portable storage container is initially dropped off, it can be overwhelming to think that your whole entire home can fit into the entirety of the 20’ container. Did you know that our 20’ containers can fit the contents of a 3 bedroom house! As it is dropped off in your driveway, you may be looking at it thinking how am I going to open and close it!? Please don’t fret! Just follow these easy and simple steps to get started.


Opening Your Portable Storage Container

You will see that all of our storage containers have two barn doors one on. Those doors have vertical rods with a locking mechanism at each end.

You will need to open the right side before the left. All that you have to do is simply roll up the locking plates and grasp the handles. While grasping the handles, rotate outward to disengage the locking mechanism and pull it open.

It may seem like a lot but don’t worry it is easy as pie!

Afterwards, you want to secure the door by using the rope attached to the vertical locking rod and simply hook it to the side of the container. By doing this, it will keep the door in place while you are loading or unloading your items into the container. You then want to repeat this process for the left door. Remember all that you have to do is lift the locking plate out of the way, grasp the handles and rotate outward. Secure the door with the attached rope. You’re all done!

Closing Your Portable Storage Container

To close your PortableStorage.ca container you do the exact same thing as the instructions above but just in reverse! Just remember that you start with the left door this time instead of the right. What you want to focus on is grasping the handles and hold them perpendicular to the door while you line up the locking mechanisms and then rotate the handles outward.

Now, finally the right door. Clutch the handles holding them perpendicular to the PortableStorage.ca container. It will line-up the locking mechanisms and then rotate outward. You’re done!

We want to make moving as easy as possible. At PortableStorage.ca, we can take the overwhelm from moving. We deliver straight to your door!

Make your move smoother by moving with us!

You can book your portable storage container online here or get a FREE quote here.

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