How to make moving easy? Simple, a Portablestorage.ca Container!

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A new house, a new neighbourhood, a new life.  You have been searching and searching and you finally found the perfect home.  But now you have to move. Moving can be very stressful. It’s hard to sell a house, and buy a new one while juggling life and packing, especially if you are a first-time mover.  There are many challenges, you have to figure out how to pack your entire life and hit the road. That seems quite daunting, but the answer to your worries could be quite simple. Let’s talk about it!

Portable Storage Container makes moving easy

One of the most stressful things about moving is transporting all of your things.  How do you move an entire house worth of valuables to a new town or neighbourhood? Well, lots of cardboard boxes.  But there’s still the transportation issue. Good thing Portable Storage makes it easy. Our system turns a stressful moving day into 2 steps, load and unload.  You don’t need to take multiple trips, and you don’t need a third party storage facility! Moving using a Portable Storage Container is easy and combines all your worries into one solution.

How to rent a storage container

It all starts off with a reservation.  To reserve give us a call at 1-833-692-9696 and one of our storage experts will get you set up with your choice of container.  Or you could easily go on to our website and use our “reserve online” feature. We recommend you reserve a container at least 48 hours before requested drop off, to ensure we have a container available.  Our professional driver will then drop the container at the desired location.  If you change your moving day, don’t worry! You can cancel your reservation at no charge and one of our staff will help you reschedule.

How does a Portable Storage container work?

Let’s talk about the container.  We respect your valuables and only rent out a container that could carry that responsibility.  That means we provide top grade containers that are NPSA and ISO certified, so they are the most secure containers in the industry.  They are pest and rodent-proof, and wind and watertight, therefore nothing is coming in to tamper with your valuables.  We also use a state-of-the-art ventilation system on all our rental containers to prevent moisture within.  This will guarantee no chance of condensation. Containers are also equipped with lockboxes. Keeping all of your valuables in one place can call for trouble, but the boxes keep them safe.  That way you can store your containers at home, and you don’t have to worry about thieves cutting any locks. For residential moving, we offer two containers, our 10ft, and 20ft.  Each container is 8ft wide.  But what size do you get? It is difficult to judge how much space all of your belongings will take up, so there are a number of variables that go into calculating which is best.  The average 2-3 bedroom home can be packed into our 20ft container. If you are unsure of what size you should rent, our storage expert would be happy to help.

How moving with a container works

So how does moving with a Portable Storage Container work?   After reserving a container, one of our professional drivers delivers your container.  You don’t even need to be present for drop off! Just inform us on where you would like the container set and we will ensure it is done correctly.  From there you load it at your own pace. We recommend you set a moving schedule to prevent going over your budget. Once it is all packed up we will move the container to your desired location.  If moving to your new location is a little down the road, we can store your container at one of our gated storage yards for the time being. If you need access to the container during that time, contact us 24hrs in advance so we can prepare it for you in one of our waiting areas.  Once it is moved to your new location you can unload it into your new house! Our system is stabilizer free so no pressure points will be put on your new driveway. Our system also supports the base for your container until it is securely on the ground so your belongings are never left hanging in the air.  If you need to continue to use it for storage continue to rent it, but once you are done, we will pick it up.  

Packing tips when moving with a container

When moving using a Portable Storage Container the hardest part is packing.  There are certain tips to optimize space, prevent damage and improve organization.  When packing you should label each box and write down an inventory, this will be a huge help when unpacking, and your future self will thank you.  When looking for a certain item you will know exactly what box it is in. Another tip is to write down how many boxes per room, therefore you ensure everything is in the right place.  It is hard to live when all of your things are in boxes, so pack a “first-day box”.  Include items that you will need for the first few days, comfy clothes, and toiletries and chargers.  Also, include valuable items you want to keep separate from other boxes. When packing the container the heavy boxes should be the base, while light items should be saved for stacking.  Weight should be evenly distributed and packing should as tight as possible. This will minimize shifting. Make sure to use protective covers and wraps to keep your items safe and damage-free.  The main goal is to maximize space while being strategic with your packing. Save a mattress until the end to create a barrier at the door, mix big things with small things so they fit better, and secure things with rope or belts. The biggest tip is to use all the space you can.  You will be able to fit more items in, and it will be safer when moving.

Why you should move with us

When moving, Portable Storage wants to ensure that using a Portable Storage Container is not one of your worries.  That is why we make the process as easy as possible and make it our job to make sure your move goes as smoothly as possible.

Servicing Windsor, Ontario, Chatham-Kent Ontario, and Sarnia, Ontario. Learn how moving using a Portable Storage Container will provide you with a stress-free move. Contact us today at info@portablestorage.ca.

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