Erie Shore Drive Container Storage

Erie Shore Drive Container Storage and Move

The community of Erie Shore Drive has recently been hit with devastation. We, along with our community and real estate partners, Nest Realty Inc., and the Municipality of Chatham-Kent worked closely with the community and residents of Erie Shore Drive to provide storage solutions for those that were affected. We have provided over 15 portable storage containers for residents to move their belongings into while the road remains closed. The road will remain closed until April 27th when an assessment can be made by the Municipality and structural, environmental consultants.

The community of Chatham-Kent rallied together to assist the residents of Erie Shore Drive to move their belongings in the containers, packing, moving, loading and transporting all of their possessions. A call was put out to the community and the community answered with complete and utter support! We have been working closely with our partners and community members along with the Municipality of Chatham-Kent in order to provide safe storage and moving solutions for all of the residents affected.

We will continue to support all of the residents of Erie Shore Drive in Chatham-Kent with storage solutions and will provide updates on the state of the dike road as released by the Municipality of Chatham-Kent and official sources.

Erie Shore Drive Container Storage 1

Members of the community were asked to band together and help in this dire situation. Employees from Greenfield Ethanol assisted their coworker in helping to move the belongings of their home in the affected area.

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