5 tips on how to improve your winter storage plans

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Snow is falling, and winter has officially made itself known.  That means it’s the time of year where your fall chores are quickly turning into your winter chores.  Whether you are prepared or not, winter storage is becoming increasingly important. The cold is your biggest enemy, so it is very important you have a plan to keep your valuables safe this winter season.  Especially with winter, the longer you wait the harder it will be. Here are some solutions to your fall/winter storage worries.

  1. Clear Out Your Garage

The first and most important step is to figure out where you will store everything.  For most of us, our garage is our first option. But winter puts a lot of pressure on your garage.  Not only do you have to store your summer equipment, but you also have to have sports equipment, tools, sleds, and all of your winter essentials at the ready.  And as it gets colder, you will probably want to store your car in your garage as well. But there is a way to solve this winter storage dilemma. Before we are stuck in the dead of winter, clear out your garage.  Not only will it make your winter storage so much easier, but the lack of clutter will also relieve some stress.  

Start by clearing out all the items you wish to donate or throw away.  The garage is commonly the forgotten space of your home, and usually acts as the home for all of your forgotten junk, and this junk takes up space.  Take some time this season and give it a little TLC. Throw away any junk or damaged items. You will be surprised with all the space you will get back for your fall/winter storage.  A safe and cost-effective way of disposing of this garbage is in a Portable Storage container, especially if you are working with large items. A Portable Storage container is a great way to dispose of junk.  They are much larger and more secure than a trailer and since they are an enclosed space, there is no risk of spilling.  It is also much cheaper than renting a trailer or garbage bin. All in all, out with the old, in with the new.

2. Store Summer Supplies In A Storage Container

A great way to clear up space is to remove everything you don’t need for the season out of your garage.  Chances are you won’t be gardening or riding bikes in the snow, therefore it doesn’t need to be in your garage for 5 months of the year.  It is important to keep them indoors, but instead of cramming everything in your garage, consider storing them in a Portable Storage containerRenting a 20’ Portable Storage container gives you an extra 160 square feet for your winter storage.  This way you can keep all of your summer essentials in one secure place.  The containers are NPSA and ISO certified, ventilated, and the most secure containers on the market.  The great thing about using a container is it can be stored on your property, or at a Portable Storage yard.  This gives you the option to either have your container accessible 24/7, or we will take it off your hands, and your property.  

3. Pack Away Things Correctly

No matter where you store your stuff during the winter, you have to protect it.  Portable Storage containers are not insulated because insulation acts as a nesting area for insects, and rodents.  Therefore you should be following certain precautions to protect your valuables during winter storage.  A great way to protect your things from the cold or the odd pest would be to wrap your valuables in wool or cotton blankets.  This will provide a helpful barrier and will help keep things warm. They are especially important for fall/winter storage. It is important to avoid packing with plastic because plastic traps humidity and moisture and speeds up the mildew/mould process.  Instead, you should use packing materials like packing peanuts. This will provide further insulation from the cold.  

Other recommendations would be to use sturdy boxes so you can easily stack and optimize space and to use skids too encourage air circulation.  If you are storing away your summer clothes, use a vacuum sealer. Sealing them will protect them from damages. Lastly, make sure you treat electronics and machines properly during winter storage.  Electronics should be kept off the floor and cars/machines should be winterized.

4. Clean Everything Before You Store Them

Before you put something away for the winter, make sure it is clean and dry.  Dirty items can attract pests and certain residue can permanently damage your things.  For example, bird poop or grass clipping left over the winter can do a lot of damage. Ensure that you clean everything, and brush/dust off any residue.  Also, make sure fuel tanks are filled to prevent damage and make sure everything is dry.  Ensuring everything is dry is very important because water can cause damage to your items, especially during winter storage.  A great example is if you are storing your garden hoses.  If the hose isn’t fully dry the water could potentially freeze and expand, not only damaging the hose itself but other items stored around it.  This is a reason why you should use breathable materials such as cotton or wool to make sure moisture and water don’t get trapped within. All in all, clean everything and dry thoroughly before you put it away for the fall/winter season.

5.Repair Equipment Before Storing Them

Also, make sure to repair or winterize any equipment you own before you put them in winter storage.  When you bring them out in the spring, chances are you will want to use them.  Taking the extra step in fall to make sure blades are sharp will have your future self thanking you.  Fall is the perfect time to take your equipment in for a professional tune-up to prepare for the next season.  Therefore take the extra step. Not only will this help in the spring, but it will also help your equipment last longer.

Why you should use a portable storage container for your winter storage needs

As the weather gets colder it is becoming increasingly important that you have a plan in place to store all of your summer toys.  Storage containers are a great option for your fall/winter storage. A container can be rented for only $4.97 a day. If you are looking for permanent storage space, you also have the option to buy your own container.  If you buy one, you get the option to modify it to your needs.  You can add man doors or even insulation.  Investing in some extra square footage will always be beneficial for your winter storage.

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